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Independent ski rental platform

At kaiser.rent we offer a special e-commerce solution, both for ski rental and for ski schools. It can be individually adapted and connected to existing POS systems (provided there is a usable interface from the manufacturer). We sell the solution as a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) product. So you only pay for the customization and integration and the annual hosting.

Customized sales app

Proprietary products often have their specific requirements. That’s why we offer an individualized sales application, which is available as a web and Windows 10 application. Sales employees can use the app to create new customers and flexibly configure and create offers. We also sell this solution as SaaS (software-as-a-service). You only pay for the individual adjustments (design, special functions, external interfaces, etc.) and the annual hosting costs.

Personalized time tracking

In order for employees to quickly and easily record their activities, we have launched the SmartManager – a customizable solution for time and work recording. Optimized for mobile devices, this web application can be accessed from anywhere. Different user groups have different views and evaluation options. This solution is also a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product. You only pay for the customizing and the annual hosting.

Central utilization of sensor data

Thanks to our IoT console, measurement data from various locations is centrally captured, monitored and evaluated. Depending on the selected time interval, reports can be created automatically and sent via e-mail. Upon reaching predefined thresholds, there is the possibility of an automatic e-mail or SMS notification. We also provide the the components for sensor data acquisition and transmission components to our IoT console. These are connected to the Internet via either WLAN or 3G and have an external or internal (battery) power supply. Examples of sensors: temperature, humidity, air pressure, gases (CO2, etc.), fine dust, sound/noise levels, fill levels, distances (eg of cracks in buildings), etc.


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